Life insurance is the contract between the policy holder and the er.Insurance in any form provides benefits for the individual but its quite important for the senior citizens to make the rest of the life peaceful.There are many companies offering life insurance for seniors and you have to select an appropriate one to avoid the problems in the future.In order to get the senior life insurance you have to be above forty years of age. Senior term insurance helps your family by giving some income when you expire, and their life is not disturbed by your absence.You can have a financial advise from the finance professionals on which policy to take and the amount to spend on the policy. By making a right approach you can get huge profits.Senior citizens can get a policy for their properties like house, office etc... car insurance helps in troubles like accidents and theft. Travel insurance offers benefits like cancellation charges, travel paper losses etc... And this provides a convenient and a safer travel.Accident insurance provides benefits for all type of injuries caused during accidents.Funeral expenses are also involved in senior life insurance package.Term life insurance is not suited for senior citizens and need a permanent life insurance. The seniors have to undergo a complete medical checkup and submit the papers to the insurer.The funeral expenses will be covered with the policy itself.The policies are available in whole of life for mat and term format.